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Sober Websites

So-called “Sober Websites” are all over the web. They range from simple blogs reporting on news articles involving drug-related crimes and celebrities in rehab, to more sophisticated forums and networks meant to make countless recovery and rehabilitation resources available to as wide an audience as possible.
The following sites are dedicated to alcoholism, teen sobriety, medical news, support groups, sober musicians, treatment centers, sober social scenes, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, recovery, rehabilitation and everything in-between.

At is a forum dedicated to people trying to overcome addiction. Threads in this recovery forum, like most forums, can get off topic at times. However, most posts are dedicated to alcoholism, mothers getting sober, opinions on recovery, stories of drug addiction, meditations, methods of rehabilitation and much more. describes their website as being “non denominational” in the sense that they never argue about which way to get and stay sober. However, they do provide links and references to several recovery and rehabilitation programs. They also have a great guitar tuner tool that lets you pluck a virtual guitar to tune your guitar at home. is another forum website dedicated to teen sobriety. Topics deal with teen alcoholism, substance abuse, teen support groups and more. Not limited, to substance abuse and drug addictions, threads also deal with teen eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks and more.