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What’s God got to do with it! Why can’t I fix it myself?

The backbone of all 12 step programs since there inception is that people need to recognize and accept a higher power in their lives.  Addicts are unable  to to fight off their addictions alone, God has to see them through it.  That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me.  First their addiction has control of them, and then they have to give that up in turn for a new found loyalty to God.

Not to get me wrong, I believe that there is something else out there.  The world is too amazing.  However,  I have always had the understanding that I was given a free will.  I have the God given ability to choose things for myself, right or wrong.  So, if my decisions lead me to a life of drinking or drugging or whatever other vice afflicts people, my free will becomes null and void because I made bad decisions with it that became out of my control.  No!!!  If I lead myself down that path, why can’t I get out of it?

Wouldn’t it be more productive for a person to rely on themselves? There are 12 steps and within the first two you discover that the addiction is stronger than you, and if you don’t look towards a higher power there is nothing you will be able to do.  That doesn’t seem like a very encouraging start.  Maybe they should start out with an explanation of why your addiction makes you feel the way you do and then using proven medical procedures to help you live the happiest, healthiest life that you can.

I understand that this may blasphemous and that religious freaks may want to string me up (which is sort of hypocritical) but no one knows if God even exists.  Like I stated earlier, I think he does,but I have no way of knowing that for sure.  As time goes on, science keeps coming up with better and better explanations as to how and why things got here.  It seems kind of foolish to take someone who’s life is in turmoil and tell them that the only chances of fixing it is putting increased belief into a figure that may or may not exist.  How about doing things differently and putting the emphasis on things that people can actually see and do.

The 12 step program was invented in 1939.  It was designed for people who were exclusively suffering from a problem with alcohol.  Since then, we have discovered that people are fucked up on many more things than just the boos.  As of now there are more than 200 different fellowships that people group themselves into and you can be sure that there will be many more to come.  Why is it that we still feel the need to use a process that was invented 70 years ago for one specific purpose?  The explanation, “because it works” is not not only lame but lazy.  Falling back on processes just because they have tradition is backwards.

I am not some leftest freak. I know that people who suffer from addiction need help but how about going to the proven science.  Instead of telling people that need to talk to God maybe you should tell them to talk to a psychologist that is trained in addictions.