Dr. Drew Pinsky Talks Sober House and Celebrity Rehab on Howard Stern

Here at 12 Steppin, we like to talk about Dr. Drew Pinsky, partially because he is, arguably, the most famous on-air personality that is bringing national attention to addiction but more importantly because he is a real medical doctor. This was one of the opening topics of conversation during Dr. Drew’s interview on the Howard Stern Show as the segment began with Stern welcoming Drew by pointing out that Dr. Phil isn’t a medical doctor, simply a psychologist. Drew responded by stating that not only is Dr. Phil not a medical doctor, but his psychologist license was revoked during his first year of practice for sexual misconduct.  

Dr. Drew was on Stern’s Sirius-XM show promoting his new show Sober House, premiering on VH-1, Thursday, January 15th at 10 p.m. Sober House is a continuation (or spin-off) of Celebrity Rehab. The show will document the crew of Celebrity Rehab’s season 2 as they transition from a medical rehabilitation facility to living their day to day lives. Sober House is an 8 episode series that will include, Rodney King, Marey Carey, Amber Smith, former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler and others. Andy Dick also joins the series midway through the season seeking help from Dr. Drew.   

Dr. Drew spoke at length about his experiences in Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. However, the most interesting moments throughout the interview came during the banter between Drew and Stern Show co-host Artie Lange. Lange, who is currently battling heroin addiction wasn’t shy about airing his opinion that both of Dr. Drew’s shows exploit addicts. Drew defended his shows by pointing out that he is honestly trying to help the people in Celebrity Rehab and went on to say that those people under his care are better off with his treatment than without. 

Drew also commented that because of their status, sense of entitlement and sometimes overblown sense of self importance, celebrities are usually more difficult to treat and have worse problems with addiction and mental diseases than average people.  You can check out Dr. Drew on Love Line at www.lovelineshow.com or on VH-1’s website at http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/celebrity_rehab_with_dr_drew/series.jhtml



  1. Davis Said:

    Dr. Drew and Nancy Szakacsy M.S. LMFT are the real deal aside from 12-step which works the best and is free. Dr. Drew is selling out though and free is free.

  2. jan mesersmith Said:

    i love the earrings jen wears! where does she get them i love red and purple she has worn both. Iwas adicted to smoking cigs 4 36 years i had a plan of when 2 quit and a day worked great .my day was planned around my next gig.this may will be my 9th year smoke free.i love your show and was so excited when i saw sober house great i pray they can all one day be sober and not living for the drug but living for life. thank you and please keep up the great work you are all doing.thank you jan

  3. Zoe Said:

    Dr. Drew should be ashamed of himself. It’s not a surprise that almost all the people from Sober House have since relapsed. I know statistics is part of that, but honestly there’s a reason anonymity is supposed to be part of the process. Dr. Drew knows that better than anybody and is enjoying his own fame far too much.

    • Five Nineteen Said:

      Dr Drew is not a member of a 12 Step group, so he has no anonymity to break. Breaking anonymity is on the member. If you think the Doc is responsible for others breaking anonymity, there’s always Al-Anon to go to and deal with that.

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