Stone Eagle Retreat: The Real Celebrity Rehab

Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse are just some of the big names to stay at this luxurious rehabilitation facility. Located on 21 acres in the Malibu hills, the swanky Stone Eagle Retreat is one of the most upscale rehabilitation centers in the United States. On-site hiking trails, a 20-foot waterfall and breath taking views in every direction are just some of amenities that await guests at Stone Eagle.

Founded by addiction expert Nancy Szakacsy, Stone Eagle Retreat offers a posh healing environment that specializes in professional burnout and addictions. “Recovery is a process not an event.” Reads Stone Eagle Retreats website. “At Stone Eagle Retreat we take great care in developing an individualized healing program that models a multi-dimensional approach to therapy.”

Prices can reach $50,000 for a 30-day stay at Stone Eagle Retreats where treatments include: chemical and 12 step education, somatic therapy, life coaching, massage/bodywork, adventure therapy, horticulture therapy, personal fitness training and much more. And to add to Stone Eagle’s exclusivity, the center only treats a maximum of 6 patients at a time.  Stone Eagle is fantastic.  “It is what treatment should be like.” Reads one Stone Eagle testimonial. “I have experienced bad treatment centers and I am very happy to have experienced the best.  Stone Eagle is a cut above the rest and very supportive, which is key to treatment.” Check out the Stone Eagle Retreat online at



  1. Mark Said:

    No doubt, my friend was in that place and it was amazing. Nancy is the greatest lady. She made me want to be there just to learn more about myself. Marty the chef is awesome too and Doug rocks!

  2. Angelina Said:

    Actually, I called there and the directer Nancy Szakacsy worked with me and I guess the partners to get a treatment amount that I could handle financially. Nancy spent so much time with me and really knew her stuff. Not just recovery, I also have PTSD. I got stuck in Florida and never made it but if I ever need help I’m there. Thanks for this blog too every bit helps.

  3. Larry . Said:

    There were two celebs there when I went to visit my friend. Nancy Szakacsy does not take sh… from anyone. One was pulling an “all about me” tantrum and I couldn’t believe how good she was. For someone not in recovery and known throughout the world, I’d have to say she’s one of the smartest (and hottest) women I’ve ever met. I think Stone Eagle is the new Promises now that they’ve gone corporate. Passages is $78.000 now and they take blood if your short on cash.

  4. Jan Said:

    Nancy Szakacsy is that hot mother of Samson Szakacsy that plays for Arizona State. He is really fast and really mobile. The kid was a USC commit for a year when Dennis Erickson grabbed him from Pete Carrol. I met them at a LA combine a few years ago. Sports didnt go well for me, well drugs didnt go well.

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