Sexual Addiction in The Cyber Age


With satellite television, on demand programming, DVDs and especially the internet, pornography has never been more readily available. It should then come as no surprise that pornography addiction, sexual addiction and even masturbation addiction affects millions of people around the world.


When speaking of pornography addiction, the addiction usually involves internet pornography. Because of the thousands, if not millions, of pornography websites accessible by the stroke of a few keys (many free of charge), internet pornography addiction is said to be one of the fastest progressing modern day addictions. Excessive masturbation and masturbation addiction is also closely connected to Internet pornography for the same reasons.


However, there are many people who disregard masturbation addiction entirely and don’t believe it is a real problem. But there is no question that compulsive masturbation can disrupt a person’s life and for as many people who don’t believe that sexual addiction and masturbation addiction are real, there are just as many people (including sexologists and health experts) who classify it as being parallel to alcoholism and drug addiction.


Proponents of the idea of sexual addiction give three specific indicators of sexual addiction.


  • Compulsivity: Losing the ability (or control) to decide whether or not to continue a certain action.
  • Obsession: The inability to stop yourself from having a certain thought. Even without the convenience of a computer, sex addicts are consumed and totally preoccupied with sexual thoughts to the point that other areas of their lives are completely neglected.
  • Continuation despite consequences: By nature, an addiction disrupts one’s ability to function normally. Sex addicts continue to pursue sexual activities despite negative consequences.


For more information on sexual addiction visit the Sex Addicts Anonymous online at


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