Controversial New Addiction Treatment Puts Patients in Comas

This video from the Nazaraliev Medical Centre gives us an intimate look at a controversial form of addiction treatment that involves inducing a coma in patients in order to do away with the symptoms and discomfort of withdrawals and cravings.

Located in Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia, West of China), The Nazaraliev Medical Centre is run by Dr. Jenishbek Nazaraliev. Dr. Nazaraliev is a member of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and a national coordinator for the International Council on Drug Addiction and Alcoholism (ICAA). He is one of the leading experts in the field of narcology and his private rehabilitation center specializes in treating drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

Dr. Nazaraliev currently holds ten patents for treatment programs which he has personally developed. And although his treatment is said to produce amazingly positive results in combating substance addiction, his Atropine Comatose Therapy is by far his most controversial.

Atropine (from the Greek Atropos) is extracted from Mandrake, Deadly Night Shade and other plants; it is known as an anticholinergic drug and can be deadly. The Nazaraliev Medical Centre’s controversial withdrawal treatment uses Atropine in order to reduce Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.

The detoxification process is the first treatment patients undergo and is known as Central Cholinolitic Blockade (CCB). The CCB session is said to enable patients to quickly reduce the physical and mental aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. When the treatment concludes, the patient is said to awake with an enhanced receptiveness towards psychological reconstruction and ultimately, recovery.



  1. Chaz Said:

    Whatever this process is, I certainly hope it is safely effective. The other patented treatments too.

    I think it takes a pioneering effort to discover something new (duh, that sounded kinda redundant). I guess what I am saying is without pioneers, all we will ever have is what we currently have.

    My radar goes off a bit when I hear about a lot of complexity with patents, facilities, and equipment. Yet I dont suppose this is any different than any other medical treatment for any other disease.

    I suppose I have been conditioned by the user-based system of 12-step recovery. Run by the people it serves for the people it serves.

    Will keep an open mind. Interesting post.



  2. Larry V. Said:

    State of the art ideas and treatments. I don’t believe we should get attached to any particular method. I read about Nancy Szakacsy and her openness to new ideas in treatment. She uses all methods but researches all kinds of stuff like snake venom for treatment of chronic pain patients, Prometa protocols as well as other ideas as to not be content with the success of treatment today. It’s fantastic that science is helping along with 12-step programs. There is no cure and the only perfect guarantee for now is to not use at all. Either way some of the greatest passages to being our best come from the combination of heart, soul ,mind and medicine as guide. Just some thoughts. Keep 12 steppin either way.

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