Introducing… the Anti-Addiction Pill?

It was as far back as 2006 that New York Times writer, Benoit Denizet-Lewis (who now has a best selling book on addiction) was exploring the idea of an anti-addiction pill.


Certainly, the idea of prescription drugs meant to help with withdrawals and symptoms of addiction are nothing new. However, even now, we seem to be far from creating an “all-purpose” anti-addiction pill.


Denizet-Lewis’s article talks about a group of M.I.T. scientist who are looking into brain-imaging technology in order to identify addiction. At the time, the scientist seemed to agree on what they saw in these images and the flaws, although they did not agree on a solution. But the findings did eventually produce a horde of medications, vaccines and so-called “anti-addiction” drugs.


Even then, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism are studying/funding some form of addiction medication. The drug, Antabuse, has been on the market since 1948.


The drug makes people who take it physically ill if they consume alcohol. However, Antabuse is not very popular. Naltrexone, which was first used to treat opioid addiction, can help people abstain from drinking.


Doctors have also developed Vivitrol, a shot that patients must have administered on a monthly basis.


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  1. inrecovery Said:

    Fighting drug use with drugs… very interesting indeed.

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