Jack Osbourne on Drug Addiction and Recovery through the 12-Step Program

It’s only been one week since Kelly Osbourne was admitted into a “medical facility” to address “personal issues” following an arrest in London. Currently, it isn’t clear as to why Kelly was admitted into the facility, however, both Kelly and Jack Osbourne had, at some point, battled with a pain killer addiction.

In this video from 2008, Jack Osbourne explains how he and his sister Kelly both gave up drugs and alcohol by using the 12-step recovery program which promotes total abstinence.

Here, Jack revisits the PROMIS Center, the only rehabilitation program in England that uses the 12-step program for teenagers battling alcohol and drug addiction.  He describes his attitude the last time he was at the front doors of the facility while being (unwillingly) checked in as being angry scared and just pissed off.  


The PROMIS Center uses the 12-Step recovery model for treating everything from alcohol and drug addiction to eating disorders. This eye-opening footage gives an intimate look at the lives of several young patients at the PROMIS Center, some of which developed drug addictions even before their teenage years.

“This situation worries me. Explains Jack. “But I’m glad these kids are learning to stay clean. I’ve been so much happier since I gave up my addiction to drugs, just over a year ago.”   


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