Celebrities in Recovery: Matthew Perry

Surely best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the hit T.V. comedy series “Friends”, Matthew Perry admitted to having an addiction to painkillers back in 1997. Perry’s larger than life celebrity status was certainly one of the contributing factors which would lead to his substance abuse problems. However, Matthew Perry’s eyes were opened after his close friend and actor, Chris Farley, died of a heart attack due to drugs.

“I guess it was around April that I realized the level, the severity of the problem that I was having.” Said Matthew Perry in an interview with CNN. “And I’m really proud that I kind of stepped up to the bat and took care of it. For me, it was a no-brainer. It was just… this is obviously what I have to go do.”

However, it wasn’t easy for Perry to get his addiction under control. A few years after admitting his addiction in 1997, Matthew Perry was hospitalized for pancreatic due to his abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs. In 2001, Perry checked himself into the posh Malibu rehab center, Promises.

 “I got into a serious problem with painkillers, a painkiller called Vicodin.” Perry told Larry King in an interview in 2002. “And that was mostly just to not drink as much as I was. I was getting too hung over, so I tried other things that would try to balance me out.”

In 2005, Matthew Perry was hospitalized in Los Angeles, reportedly due to a bad reaction to prescription medications. Perry was kept in the hospital for 24 hours and then released.




  1. Lenny Said:

    My name is Lenny Harner and I have written a book called “unlocking the Mind of an Addict”. I recently quit my job of 14 years at a residential treatment center to take a leap of faith. I opened up a sober living facility for men. It is a non-profit facility that provides structured housing, individual, group and family therapy. would contribute to the cause. We are currently in the process of developing fund rasing ideas and would like to know if Mathew Perry would contriubute.

  2. Craig Said:

    Haha Lenny!!! that’d be tight if this guy lent a healping hand.

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