Celebrities In Recovery: Travis McCoy


Travis McCoy is the Lead Singer for Gym Class Heroes. He is also recovering from an addiction to prescription drugs which he has struggled with since he was 15-years-old. Travis writes about his struggles with addiction, his days on the road and more on his personal blog at www.TraviesBlog.com.  


“Baby, I’m a blur. … So I’ve had a little time on my hands lately,” writes McCoy on TraviesBlog.com. “Recovering from a relatively new procedure that cleans your opiate receptors and basically gives you a new beginning. I feel like a layer of sh– has been peeled off of my brain. I’m sure a lot of you who really pay attention to our music know that I’ve been addicted to pharmaceuticals since I was 15 years old. This is my second stint in a detox program. [The] first was right before we signed to [Fueled by Ramen], and it really didn’t help much.


“Meeting after meeting, I still had a thirst, a death wish. F— it, it is what it is. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘[Why] is he spilling his guts on the inter-web??’ Well, the truth of the matter is, I felt an enormous amount of guilt for glorifying drug use in our music, I never talked about getting f—ed up in song to sound cool or to gain points. It was my life, day in day out, it’s how I coped with everything.”


McCoy goes on to write. “And to anyone else struggling with this sh–, it is conquerable, you can beat it,” he wrote. “All kinds of things were pulling at me before I boarded the plane for the hospital. Will I still be cool drug-free? Will I lose my edge? Will my writing suffer? Will my friends think I’m lame? Will I still be a fun guy or a vegetable? Guess what?!?! I feel like Wolverine out this mother—-er, uh, whatever that means. I’m a little weak and achy, but every hour that passes I feel more and more like me. The me I haven’t seen in 10 years.”


Read more about Travis McCoy and Gym Class Heroes at www.TraviesBlog.com.


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