Celebrities in Recovery: Amy WineHouse

Amy Jade Winehouse may be best known for two things, her soulful music and her constant battles with addiction. Her debut album, “Frank” which was released in 2003 was a commercial success in Britain. However, it wasn’t until her second album, “Back to Black” in 2006 that Winehouse would receive 6 Grammy Award nominations and international fame.

Throughout her career, Amy Winehouse has admitted to having problems with depression, eating disorders, self-harm and addiction. There are reports that Winehouse would cut herself in order to cope with the pains of withdrawal. Ironically enough, Amy Winehouse’s heaviest stage of drug and alcohol abuse was during the height of her success.

Currently, Amy Winehouse is making headlines for allegedly smoking marijuana during her stay at a rehabilitation center in the Caribbean. The popular British tabloid, The Sun has reported that Winehouse has been smoking pot all morning and working out in the afternoons everyday at the rehabilitation center. Winehouse is hoping that smoking marijuana will curb her cravings for harder drugs like crack, cocaine and heroin.


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