Will Joaquin Phoenix Follow in Brother River’s Path? Watch Joaquin’s Bizarre Appearance on David Letterman

If you haven’t checked it out yet, CLICK HERE to see Joaquin Phoenix’s bizarre appearance on David Letterman. During the interview, Joaquin Phoenix seems inattentive and even unintelligible at times as Letterman becomes increasingly agitated. At one point, David Letterman calls Joaquin Phoenix out because he is chewing gum during the interview, at which point Joaquin proceeds to take the gum out of his mouth and stick it under Dave’s desk.

Some people say it’s all a hoax. Yet, others fear that Joaquin Phoenix may be following in the footsteps of brother River Phoenix whose life was cut short due to a heroin and cocaine overdose at the age of 23.

Joaquin Phoenix was with his brother at Johnny Depp’s nightclub, The Viper Room on Saturday, October 30, 1993, when River began to vomit and have a seizure. When Joaquin Phoenix helped his brother outside to get some fresh air, River collapsed on the sidewalk. Surgeons at Cedars Sinai Medical Center spent twenty minutes trying to resuscitate him but were not successful.



  1. Joe Said:

    poor Joaquin Phoenix, he seemed to trying really hard to re-invent his image and was coming across as just awkward

  2. herocious Said:

    Yeah, I agree, poo Joaquin Phoenix. But, at the end of the day, he is an actor who got paid. For more information on the hip-hop journey of Joaquin Phoenix, check TOE’s post out:

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