Steven Adler Visits Howard Stern


Former Guns N’ Roses drummer and current reality television star Steven Adler paid a visit to Howard Stern yesterday to promote a new album with Chip Z’Nuff.

Steven was surprisingly attentive and abnormally comprehensible compared to some of the VH-1 footage which has aired in the past. During the interview, Steven Adler spoke candidly about being kicked out of Guns N’ Roses and stated that Slash was wrong for not sticking up for him when he was being kicked out of the band.

Steven went on to explain how he sued the band for getting kicked out, won the court battle, then wasted all the money from the settlement on drugs. At one point, Howard Stern asked Adler about a time in his life when he was performing oral sex on men for drugs and money.

After Adler completely denied having ever performed oral sex on a guy for any reason, Stern Show producer, Gary Delabate (Bababooey) bursted into the studio with a direct quote from Adler when he spoke about the depth of his addiction. The quote read, “Occasionally a guy would pick me up and in exchange for a blow job I’d get 30 or 40 bucks.”

You can check out Steven Tyler along with Andy Dick and the rest of the “Sober House” on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on VH-1. You can check out Howard Stern on Sirius-XM and at


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