Sober House Hospital and Dr. Drew Under Fire for Unexplained Deaths

Check out this video from Fox News on Dr. Drew Pinsky and the recent Sober House scandal. There have been 3 deaths reported within 5 months at the hospital where Dr Drew Pinsky hold the position of co-medical director.

The report features Arline Clyburn and Larry Grassini who both lost children at the hospital. The parents stated that their children were attracted to the facility because of its affiliation with the popular “Sober House”.

Do you think Dr. Drew is responsible for the deaths at the hospital? Geraldo states at the end of the report that these sorts of reality shows (obviously referring to Sober House and Celebrity Rehab) have consequences. Should innocent victims who seek treatment be consequences of rehabilitation facilities that get national recognition through reality shows? Make sure to leave your comments.



  1. Jeanie R. Said:

    I am so sad for these families and can’t believe it’s passages all over again somewhere else. These people are egomaniacs and don’t really care past that. Look for help from people who don’t work off their celebrity, rather their proven results. There is a lady with a hard last name that does great work without the hype. Maybe Nancy something. Also I heard Milestones Treatment Center in Malibu is good for dual diagnosis. 12-step is the answer long term but we need hospitals that take our disease serious!!!!!1 God Bless these families and thanks to Geraldo for bringing it out.

  2. Berserker Said:

    David Pinsky is a dangerous shill. He has no business practicing medicine.

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