Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart Killed in Car Accident

Angels Rookie Pitcher, Nick Adenhart, was killed in a car accident earlier this morning. Nick Adenhart, 22, was one of the top prospects for the Angels and was killed just after midnight in Fullerton, California. Reports say that a minivan ran a red light and crashed into Nick Adenhart’s car.

Adenhart had just finished throwing six scoreless innings against the A’s the day before. There is suspicion that alcohol was involved in the hit and run crash that took Adenhart’s life.

Joba Chamberlain commented on Nick Adenhart’s tragic death, saying, “It sounds like he was just driving home after the game, and now he’s not coming to the ballpark the next day. You can’t take anything for granted, ever.” Joba Chamberlain is currently in the spotlight for DUI charges.

Although details are still sketchy, the alleged hit and run suspect who was driving the mini van which struck Nick Adenhart’s vehicle is now in custody.


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  1. Big League Fan Said:

    Man, this is truly a tragedy…I hope more people get help with alcoholism so stuff like this doesn’t continue to happen…RIP Nick…your really an Angel now… Big League Fan

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