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Eminem Says Elton John Helped Him With His Drug Addiction

Elton John and Eminem share the stage following their duet at the 43rd annual Grammy Awards
Even from when “Slim Shady” first hit the hip-hop scene, he was never shy about talking about his drug use; or his mother’s for that matter. During interviews with magazines like “XXL” and “Vibe”, Eminem spoke freely about his addiction to several drugs. And most recently, during an interview with Detroit’s “Metro Times”, Eminem revealed that pop legend, Elton John helped him cope during his drug rehabilitation. 

“Me and him have had similar lives and stuff,” Eminem stated. “So I reached out to him and told him, ‘Look, I’m going through a problem, and I need your advice.’ I also talked to T.I. a lot and, you know, we exchange advice.” Can you imagine that think-tank?

Eminem went on to say that Elton John and him had become very good friends  and he has turned to him several times for help with his career as well as his substance abuse problems. Eminem reached out to Elton John for advice most recently over his addiction to painkillers after a near-fatal methadone overdose.


Don’t Hassle the Hoff – Especially about Alcohol Poisoning

Current ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge and former ‘Baywatch’ star, David Hasselhoff is denying accusations that he was hospitalized in Encino, California on Saturday, May 2nd, due to alcohol poisoning.

Earlier this week, Radar Online reported that David Hasselhoff’s daughter discovered him unconscious in his home. The online news source also reported that once he was hospitalized, his alcohol level was registered at a mind-blowing .39.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Hasselhoff’s ex wife, Pamela Bach, blew the story way out of proportion. However, with incomprehensible sentences like, “We’ve gotten to the bottom of the David Hasselhoff mystery, and it ain’t the way his ex is painting it”, I wouldn’t trust TMZ if one of their “reporters” wrote that their mother loves them.

MTV presents Steve-O: Demise and Rise

Steve-O’s trouble with addiction was rough, tough and televised. And now, MTV hopes that its new documentary, Steve-O: Demise and Rise, will capture the attention of its mostly tween audience and highlight negative aspects of addiction, as well as the positive side of recovery.

However, Steve-O let it be kown quite clearly that he has no aspirations to be the “poster boy” for sobriety. In fact, Steve-O considers himself to be more of an addict than a role model.

Steve-O: Demise and Rise was reportedly put together using several hours of footage which Steve-O shot on his own. The footage contains a raw look of Steve-O’s life on the road while snorting cocaine, doing whip-its and filming his hit movie series, Jackass.

“Certainly a documentary about my downward spiral isn’t going to keep me sober by any means,” Steve-O told “If anything, I feel like I’m being printed in the media as ‘the sober guy’ I feel like that does more to set me up for a fall than really keep me sober. The last thing anyone who’s working to stay sober wants is to be touted as some kind of example.”

Check out the new MTV documentary, Steve-O: Demise and Rise, Sunday, May 3, 2009 at 10 pm/ET on MTV.

Richie Supa Among Favorites for 2009 Prism Awards

richiesupa - in the rooms

Musician/Songwriter, Richie Supa, may be best known for his work with Aerosmith and Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora, but lately he’s been in the spotlight for his work with the popular new Social Networking website “In The Rooms.”

The 2009 Prism Awards will air on FX in September, but the actual awards show takes place on Thursday, April 23rd in Beverly Hills, California. Richie Supa is just one of the nominees for the music aspect of the Prism Awards which also includes categories in movies and television (all subject matter within the Prism Awards deals with substance abuse, recovery and/or mental health).

If you want to hear the 2009 Prism Award Nominated song by Richie Supa, “In The Rooms,” download it at Want to get to know the Real Richie Supa? You can check out his In The Rooms profile at Joining is always anonymous, safe and free.

To read more about the 13th annual Prism Awards and to get a complete list of categories and nominees, check them out online at

Richie Supa at the 12 Step Music Fest

Check out this video of Richie Supa performing “In The Rooms” in the first annual 12 Step Music Festival. Since then, “In The Rooms” has become wildly popular and has even been nominated for a 2009 Prism Award.

Last year’s 12 Step Music Fest was a huge success and this year’s festival is gearing up to be an even bigger hit. The 2009 12 Step Music Festival will take place from November 5th through the 8th. Tickets for the event go on sale on March 13th.

For more videos of performances during the 2008 12 Step Music Fest or for more information on the 2009 12 Step Music Fest, visit them online at

1-800-Quit-Now Sponsors Sasquatch Music Festival

If you smoke or chew tobacco and you’ve decided to quit, 1-800-QUIT-NOW is a free service that can help. When you call, a trained quit coach in your state will work with you to help you quit and avoid the things that tempt you back into the habit.

1-800-Quit-Now is the main sponsor for this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival on Memorial Day Weekend, May 23- 25. Tickets for the festival go on sale Saturday, February 28th at 10 a.m.

This year’s Sasquatch Music Festival has an impressive lineup that includes Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Erykah Badu and many more. Here is the long list of performers expected to perform (with more to come):

Kings of Leon
Ben Harper & Restless7
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Decemberists
Fleet Foxes
TV on the Radio
Animal Collective
Silversun Pickups
Bon Iver
Of Montreal
Explosions in the Sky
Peter Bjorn & John
Gogol Bordello
M. Ward
The Avett Brothers
Grizzly Bear
Girl Talk
The Gaslight Anthem
The Walkmen
Chromeo (DJ set)
Sun Kil Moon
Airborne Toxic Event
Blitzen Trapper
The Wrens
King Khan and the Shrines
St. Vincent
Passion Pit
John Vanderslice
Bishop Allen
Blind Pilot
AA Bondy
Black Moth Super Rainbow
The Knux
Ra Ra Riot
The Dodos
Beach House
Arthur & Yu
The Submarines
Owl City
Viva Voce
James Pants
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
The Builders & the Butchers
The Duchess & the Duke
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
School of Seven Bells
Death Vessel
Horse Feathers
Point Juncture WA
The Pica Beats
Loch Lomond
Vince Mira
Zach Galgles ifiankis
Demetri Martin
Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job
Todd Barry
Jon Benjamin
God’s Pottery
People’s Republic of Komedy

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Kelly Osbourne Back in Rehab


Daughter to rock star Ozzy Osbourne and reality show star Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne (who was a reality star in her own right in The Osbournes), has checked herself into a “medical facility” in order to address some personal issues according to her publicist in London.


Kelly Osbourne, 24, was arrested last week for allegedly slapping a gossip columnist after the columnist blatantly insulted Kelly Osbourne’s current fiance, Luke Worrall, who was sitting next Kelly during the interview. She was later charged with assault and eventually released on bail.


This isn’t Kelly Osbourne’s first trip to rehab, her last trip was at age 20 and her first visit to a rehabilitation facility came at 18. According to reports, Osbourne, who voluntarily entered the “medical facility”, is reportedly being treated at the Hazelden retreat in Oregon.  

In an appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live” Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, revealed that they admitted Kelly at age 18 to the Promises rehab facility in Malibu, California for painkiller addiction. Ozzy was quoted as saying that they were astounded at the amount of pills they found in her bag.  


For now, the details of Kelly’s latest stay at rehab remain sketchy. However, in an interview with Radar Online, Sharon Osbourne was quoted as saying “Kelly will tell you herself when she gets out. We just pray that everything’s going to be OK.”


Introducing… the Anti-Addiction Pill?

It was as far back as 2006 that New York Times writer, Benoit Denizet-Lewis (who now has a best selling book on addiction) was exploring the idea of an anti-addiction pill.


Certainly, the idea of prescription drugs meant to help with withdrawals and symptoms of addiction are nothing new. However, even now, we seem to be far from creating an “all-purpose” anti-addiction pill.


Denizet-Lewis’s article talks about a group of M.I.T. scientist who are looking into brain-imaging technology in order to identify addiction. At the time, the scientist seemed to agree on what they saw in these images and the flaws, although they did not agree on a solution. But the findings did eventually produce a horde of medications, vaccines and so-called “anti-addiction” drugs.


Even then, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism are studying/funding some form of addiction medication. The drug, Antabuse, has been on the market since 1948.


The drug makes people who take it physically ill if they consume alcohol. However, Antabuse is not very popular. Naltrexone, which was first used to treat opioid addiction, can help people abstain from drinking.


Doctors have also developed Vivitrol, a shot that patients must have administered on a monthly basis.

Ex-Boyfriend Reveals Oprah Winfrey’s Secret Cocaine Addiction

Landis Randolph Cook describes himself as being Oprah Winfrey’s former drug partner and boy friend. His book, The Wizard of O, gives a detailed account of what he says was a destructive relationship fueled by crack and cocaine.

In 1998, Cook sued Oprah Winfrey in federal court for the right to publish a book documenting their tumultuous affair. Oprah would ultimately confess to the legitimacy of Cook’s claims but it would take Cook several years of recovery in order to publish his story.

Landis Cook blames Oprah Winfrey outright for his addiction to crack and cocaine claiming that not only was Oprah the first person to introduce him to crack, but she held the pipe as he took his first hit.
“The Wizard of O is the fruit of my labors.” Writes Cook. “My unabashed approach at unmasking the facts is alternately entertaining and shocking, but always enlightening. Americans have placed Oprah on a pedestal that has been seemingly invincible – until now.”

For more information on Landis Randolph Cook’s book, The Wizard of O, as well as excerpts from the book, forums to post comments and opinion, as well as details on how to purchase the book, visit

Sexual Addiction in The Cyber Age


With satellite television, on demand programming, DVDs and especially the internet, pornography has never been more readily available. It should then come as no surprise that pornography addiction, sexual addiction and even masturbation addiction affects millions of people around the world.


When speaking of pornography addiction, the addiction usually involves internet pornography. Because of the thousands, if not millions, of pornography websites accessible by the stroke of a few keys (many free of charge), internet pornography addiction is said to be one of the fastest progressing modern day addictions. Excessive masturbation and masturbation addiction is also closely connected to Internet pornography for the same reasons.


However, there are many people who disregard masturbation addiction entirely and don’t believe it is a real problem. But there is no question that compulsive masturbation can disrupt a person’s life and for as many people who don’t believe that sexual addiction and masturbation addiction are real, there are just as many people (including sexologists and health experts) who classify it as being parallel to alcoholism and drug addiction.


Proponents of the idea of sexual addiction give three specific indicators of sexual addiction.


  • Compulsivity: Losing the ability (or control) to decide whether or not to continue a certain action.
  • Obsession: The inability to stop yourself from having a certain thought. Even without the convenience of a computer, sex addicts are consumed and totally preoccupied with sexual thoughts to the point that other areas of their lives are completely neglected.
  • Continuation despite consequences: By nature, an addiction disrupts one’s ability to function normally. Sex addicts continue to pursue sexual activities despite negative consequences.


For more information on sexual addiction visit the Sex Addicts Anonymous online at