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Vice President Joe Biden’s Daughter, Ashley Biden, Caught in Cocaine Scandal

With friends like these, who needs enemies? According to reports, Vice President Joe Biden’s Daughter, Ashley Biden, was invited into a room by “friends” too snort cocaine. What Ashley Biden didn’t know was that her so-called “friends” had set up a camera in the room in order to catch Ashley Biden in the act. It is reported that the “friends” expected to sell the footage to media outlets.

However, now that certain media outlets have been given a chance to review said tape, some are questioning the authenticity of the video. Others feel that the entire scandal may be part of a well plotted smear campaign directed towards Biden, and ultimately the Obama administration.

As time passes, the details seem to get sketchier and sketchier. Currentlty, the lawyer representing the tape’s owner has quit. The same lawyer had reportedly contacted the New York Post, looking to sell the video file for $2 million. However, after reviewing the video for about 90 seconds the New York Post declined to buy the vide0; even after the price was reduced to $400,000.