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Alicia Douvall Admits Surgery Addiction Stems From Abuse

Sarah Howes, better known as Alicia Douvall, is model/actress from England that has been romantically tied with Puff Daddy, Dennis Rodman, Mickey Rourke and others. Alicia Douvall has been all over the tabloids in the UK lately for renouncing her obsession over cosmetic surgery. She has admitted to having over 100 surgery procedures done throughout her lifetime.

Now 28, Douvall has revealed that she has a problem with cosmetic surgery and has promised to stay away from surgery from now on after a recent stay in rehab. “I had a very, very unhappy childhood. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed I lived in fear.”

Alicia Douvall told The Sun in a recent interview. “’My abuser was someone close to the family. I killed off Sarah Howes a long time ago and for years I wouldn’t allow myself to think about her or to remember anything because it was too painful. I never told a soul about the abuse.

Douvall goes on to state, “All I ever wanted to do was reinvent myself as Alicia Douvall because I hated myself so much. I thought I was the ugliest person in the world. I’ve had more than 100 operations now and if I’d carried on I would have come out of hospital in a box. I had a feeling I didn’t have long to live. My body was failing. I was coughing up blood. I’ve lost the sensation in my left boob and my armpits as well as my stomach. You could strike a match to the skin and I wouldn’t feel it. I was taking painkillers and sleeping pills and I was always off my head. My memory is dreadful now. My brain has been shot to pieces. I knew I was going to die if I didn’t get help.”


Sheyla Hershey’s Plastic Surgery Addiction



Is it a desperate cry for attention, an abnormal need for celebrity recognition, plastic surgery addiction or all of the above that has lead Sheyla Hershey towards achieving her goal of having the world’s largest breast? You be the judge.


After having a total of 8 surgeries within a 5 year span, Hershey finally achieved her dream of attaining a 38kkk bra size (I wonder if they sell those at Victoria’s Secret). It wasn’t easy though, because of state laws restricting the amount of silicone a single person can have put inside of them Sheyla Hershey was forced to go to Brazil for the operation.


Some reports claim that Hershey now carries over one gallon of silicone in her body after her trip to Brazil where she augmented her breast from a size of 34FFF to her current size of 38kkk.


Here is Sheyla Hershey’s bio straight from, where she admits to having over 18 plastic surgeries in her lifetime (mostly to her breasts):



“Sheyla Hershey, born Sheyla Almeida Hershey, singer, dancer, actress and model resides in Houston, Texas. Sheyla is 5’3″ and is a talent on the rise. She is a twenty-eight year old Sagittarius. Sheyla is a proud wife and mother. Sheyla was born in Brazil and likes to travel. Sheyla is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and English.

Sheyla takes her craft seriously in that she has had over 18 plastic surgeries, mostly to her breast, but also her nose, lips and buttocks. She is currently at a breast size of KKK. For this, she has been awarded with the Brazilian equivalent of the Guinness Book of World records award.

Sheyla has interest in various aspects of entertainment. Among having her own record label in Brazil, these interests have allowed her to participate with a Philippine band, attend acting school and various auditions for other endeavors.

She has appeared on national television shows, Fox News and The Insider. She has appeared on NBC’s The Last Comic Standing and will be making appearances in upcoming movies. Her career is just taking off and about to soar to heights of majestic proportions.”