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Ex-Boyfriend Reveals Oprah Winfrey’s Secret Cocaine Addiction

Landis Randolph Cook describes himself as being Oprah Winfrey’s former drug partner and boy friend. His book, The Wizard of O, gives a detailed account of what he says was a destructive relationship fueled by crack and cocaine.

In 1998, Cook sued Oprah Winfrey in federal court for the right to publish a book documenting their tumultuous affair. Oprah would ultimately confess to the legitimacy of Cook’s claims but it would take Cook several years of recovery in order to publish his story.

Landis Cook blames Oprah Winfrey outright for his addiction to crack and cocaine claiming that not only was Oprah the first person to introduce him to crack, but she held the pipe as he took his first hit.
“The Wizard of O is the fruit of my labors.” Writes Cook. “My unabashed approach at unmasking the facts is alternately entertaining and shocking, but always enlightening. Americans have placed Oprah on a pedestal that has been seemingly invincible – until now.”

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